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In the diverse climate of Northeast Ohio, selecting the right roofing system is crucial for long-term durability and efficiency. Among the top choices for flat roofs are Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofing membranes. Each offers unique benefits tailored to different needs and applications.

Single Ply EDPM


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Orthopaedic Associates, Westlake OH

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Jean, Homeowner, Avon Lake Ohio

Worked with Cleveland Ohio Roofing and experience was great. Work was explained very well and verified by pictures.


Mike, Brunswick, Ohio

Rob approached my relatively small repair job as if it were a large tear-off and replacement. In other words, he took my needs seriously and treated the work as importantly as a did. He conducted a thorough assessment, provided options, and discussed the pros and cons of each. The work was completed on time and clean-up was impeccable (haven't found one nail or shingle in the weeks since work). More importantly, Rob made extra trips to my home and worked an extra Saturday to make sure the final job was exactly to our liking. I was pleasantly surprised by Rob's extra effort to take care of us and ensuring we got exactly what we wanted. I recommend Rob and Cleveland Ohio Roofing highly.

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Jim Rosati, Honey Hut Ice Cream, Brunswick, Ohio

Dear Bob, Thank you and your crew for doing a fantastic job on the repairs and custom modification to our building. Since our original GC and their subcontractor left us with less-than-satisfactory results, I took it upon myself as the building owner to find a roofing contractor who cared about fit and finish and took pride in craftsmanship. Robert Krane and his crew at Cleveland Ohio Roofing worked for over a week patching, fabricating, and fixing whatever they could, and ended up with excellent results. I truly feel the repairs and corrective actions they took will assure me the proper life expectancy of a metal roof.

Claudia Motiu

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TPO Roofing: Efficiency and Durability

TPO stands out for its heat-welded seams, providing a watertight seal and creating a monolithic effect across the roof. This feature, along with its versatility in attachment methods, makes TPO a strong candidate for those seeking a durable and efficient roofing solution. TPO roofs can last between 20 to 35 years, with aging signs including brittleness and hairline cracks. Despite its lesser prevalence in Northeast Ohio compared to EPDM, TPO's properties make it a worthy option, especially in climates where it excels.


PVC Roofing: Specialized and Grease-Resistant

PVC roofing shares many installation similarities with TPO, including heat-welded seams. Its niche lies in environments requiring grease resistance, such as over restaurants or factories. PVC's unique composition provides exceptional protection in such settings, making it a specialized yet valuable choice for certain applications.

EPDM Roofing: The Preferred Choice in Northeast Ohio

EPDM rubber roofing, prevalent in Northeast Ohio, offers a waterproof barrier that's both durable and adaptable. Available in various thicknesses and either reinforced or non-reinforced, EPDM caters to a broad spectrum of roofing needs. Installation techniques range from adhesive bonding to mechanical fastening, ensuring a robust and seamless application. Accessories and sealing solutions further enhance EPDM's water-tightness, making it the go-to option for reliable, long-term protection.

Innovative Installation Techniques

Ensuring a Secure Fit

Both TPO and EPDM utilize advanced installation methods, from heat welding to adhesive bonding, accommodating different roofing requirements. The introduction of ballasted systems for EPDM and the mechanical fastening options offer flexibility in securing the membrane to the roof deck.

Accessory Integration

Comprehensive sealing solutions, including specialized tapes, pitch pockets, and protective measures like slip sheets and cant strips, ensure every potential leak point is addressed. These accessories are integral to the longevity and effectiveness of the roofing system.

Substrate Options Enhancing Roof Performance

Single-ply roofs are typically installed over substrates such as Poly ISO rigid foam insulation board or fiberboard. These layers provide additional insulation and can be applied over existing roofing to avoid a complete tear-off, making the installation process more efficient and less intrusive.

TPO, PVC, and EPDM roofing systems each offer unique advantages for commercial and residential buildings in Northeast Ohio. From the superior seam strength of TPO and the grease resistance of PVC to the widespread use and reliability of EPDM, property owners have access to a range of roofing solutions.

Understanding the distinct properties and application methods of these materials allows for informed decision-making, optimizing roofing investments for enduring protection and performance.

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