Residential Roofs

Residential Roofs

Asphault Shingles

Explore top-notch residential roofing services in the Northeast Ohio area, where the predominant roofing style for houses is asphalt shingles. While asphalt shingles are the most common choice, it's crucial to understand that your house's roofing comprises more than just shingles.

Beginning with felt paper, secured with "cap-nails" to the structural roof deck made of plywood or 1x8 wood planks (common in older houses), Cleveland Ohio Roofing ensures a robust foundation. At the critical lower 3' of the roof deck, we employ Ice and Water Shield, a self-adhering rubberized asphalt roll roofing material. This strategically placed layer provides extra protection against leaks, particularly in areas prone to winter leaks caused by melting snow. Preventing ice dams, a common issue in colder months, this shield acts as a barrier against water seepage beneath shingles and into your home.

To complete the roofing system, we install drip edge, crafted from galvanized steel or aluminum, along the entire perimeter of the roof deck edges. This crucial element not only enhances structural integrity but also secures sheet metal coil fascia and gutter board covers, ensuring a durable and long-lasting roofing solution. Choose Cleveland Ohio Roofing for comprehensive and reliable residential roofing services tailored to the unique needs of Northeast Ohio homes.


For optimal roofing performance, Cleveland Ohio Roofing offers a comprehensive approach that includes ventilation enhancements. Prior to felt paper installation, we can create vent channels on the roof deck if they don't already exist. Ridge vent channels, cut up to 1-1/2" on either side of the ridge boards, and box vents, strategically cut in the rear sections, ensure proper airflow.

In situations where an intake vent in the soffit is not feasible, alternative options like vent-able "inhaler" gutter boards or drip edges with venting can be utilized. Ridge and box vents work most efficiently when paired with an intake vent. Beyond these, electric venting fans, solar-powered options, louvered gable vents, and turbines provide additional choices, each effective when correctly installed.

In Northeast Ohio, the popular and cost-effective choice is the ridge vent/soffit vent combination. This option not only provides effective ventilation but also maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance with no protrusions. For houses requiring kitchen and bath vents through the roof, proper sealing is crucial to prevent water infiltration and ensure adequate venting of steam, moisture, and stove exhaust.

Finished attics may pose ventilation challenges, but attic insulation can help address these issues. Venting calculators from reputable manufacturers aid in determining the best vents for your home and the required quantity. Following the installation of felt, ice, and drip edge, a starter course of shingles or "starter strip" is applied at the eaves, providing an additional layer of protection. In some cases, this is extended along the gable ends. Metal valley flashing is secured into the valleys for added reinforcement when necessary.

To ensure a precise and symmetrical shingle installation, caulk lines are snapped on the roof, and shingles are meticulously nailed according to the manufacturer's recommendations for the chosen brand and type. Cap shingles are the finishing touch, securing the ridge and hips for a durable and well-executed roofing solution. Choose Cleveland Ohio Roofing for a meticulous and effective roofing installation tailored to your home's unique needs.


For robust roofing solutions in Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Ohio Roofing employs precise techniques to ensure durability and prevent leaks. Step flashing is strategically installed at the intersections of roof surfaces and adjoining vertical walls, including chimney and masonry sides. Apron flashing is applied where the horizontal roof part meets a vertical wall, while counter flashing covers step flashing on chimney or brick wall sides.

Our comprehensive approach extends to plumbing vent stacks, which are sealed using a proprietary "pipe boot." These are meticulously integrated into the roofing system, nailed, and caulked to prevent any leakage around pipe penetrations.

When it comes to asphalt shingles, the preferred choice in NE-Ohio, specifically Cleveland Ohio, is the architectural, also known as dimensional shingle. Recognized for their cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and appealing aesthetics, these shingles are available in 30 and 40-year options. Architectural shingles have become the standard in Ohio, surpassing the 3-tab style due to their superior appearance, longer lifespan, and cost efficiency. While they may not be as conducive to layovers as 3-tab shingles, requiring replacement instead of overlay, their overall benefits make them the preferred choice for roofing projects in the region. Trust Cleveland Ohio Roofing for expert installations and lasting roofing solutions tailored to your needs.

Other types of asphalt shingles

GAF makes : "Luxury Sienna", (diamond shaped) , "Monaco" looks like Spanish tile,  "Grand Sequoia" to look like wood shakes, " Grand canyon" also looks like shakes,  "Grand Slate" to look like slate,  "Camelot" – for an antique look ,  " Country Mansion" also looks like a type of slate.
Certainteed makes: "Centennial Slate", "Grand Manor"," Carriage House", "Presidential Shake", "Landmark TL",
IKO makes "Crown Slate" , "Armour Shake", "Royal Estate",  and "Cambridge".

Roof repairs / leak fixes and roof tune-up or preventative maintenance

Safeguard your home by prioritizing regular roof maintenance, crucial for its longevity and protection. Despite being often overlooked due to safety concerns, roofs require consistent care throughout their lifespan. Our comprehensive 12-point inspection covers crucial areas, including caulking, flashing, chimneys, penetrations, gutters, and more, addressing potential issues before they escalate.

Over time, shingles may lose their seals, leading to potential leaks that can be addressed through re-sealing. Moss and mildew can compromise shingle integrity, requiring thorough cleaning. A pre-winter inspection ensures your roof is ready to withstand harsh weather conditions, while a post-winter assessment evaluates its resilience against Ohio's cold, snow, and ice.

Softened roof decks are indicative of prolonged leaks, necessitating immediate attention to prevent mold and further rot. Sun exposure accelerates shingle deterioration, but a well-ventilated roof system mitigates this impact. High winds pose a threat, potentially loosening shingle edges, flashing, antennas, and other roof joints. Worn shingle seals can lead to water infiltration during snowy conditions, making timely repairs essential for preventing damage.

For roofs with extended leaks, addressing soft and rotten plywood underneath requires a comprehensive replacement to prevent future issues. Regular inspections, coupled with proactive repairs and replacements, ensure your roof remains resilient against the elements, promoting a secure and durable home. Trust Cleveland Ohio Roofing for expert roof care and maintenance tailored to the specific challenges posed by Ohio's climate.


Safeguard your home and foundation with well-maintained gutters, a crucial line of defense against potential water damage. Cleveland Ohio Roofing specializes in inspecting, repairing, and replacing gutters to ensure optimal functionality and prevent long-term issues.

Most residential gutters are 5" "ogee" style, comprising gutter troughs, spikes & ferrules or gutter hangers, outlets, elbows, downspouts, corners/miters, providing an effective drainage system. Damage, especially during harsh winters or storms, can cause gutters to pull away from the gutter board, leading to potential water damage.

Various gutter types, including box gutters, 6" ogee, flange back, and built-in wood gutters, offer versatile options to suit different needs. Outlet baskets serve as a preventive measure against downspout clogs by blocking debris entry. Gutter covers, such as screens, sheet metal, gutter helmets, foam, or brush inserts, offer effective protection against clogs, with options like Leaf Defier and Leaf Relief catering to specific environmental conditions.

Downspouts play a critical role, draining water directly into drain tile and sewer or diverting it into the yard through troughs or flexible pipes. Cleveland Ohio Roofing is your go-to expert for comprehensive gutter solutions, ensuring your home is well-protected against potential water-related damage. Contact us for expert gutter inspection, repair, or replacement tailored to your unique environment and needs.

Chimney repairs

Protect your brick, masonry, or metal chimneys from the elements by scheduling a comprehensive inspection every other year. Sun, wind, rain, hail, and debris can take a toll on chimneys, potentially causing roof leaks attributed to issues like chimney flashing, loose or missing mortar, cracked or broken chimneys, damaged crowns, and broken chimney caps. Regular, small-scale repairs are key to preventing these issues and maintaining the integrity of your chimney over time. Trust Cleveland Ohio Roofing for expert chimney inspections and repairs to safeguard your home.

Chimney caps

Enhance your chimney's protection and aesthetics with a diverse range of chimney caps designed to prevent rain, snow, and critters from entering. Available in various shapes and styles, these caps not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to your home's appearance, curb appeal, and overall value. Trust Cleveland Ohio Roofing to provide expert solutions that blend practicality with aesthetic appeal for your chimney.

Additional Residential roofs types

Explore a variety of durable roofing options including metal panels, standing seam metal, wood shake, plastic shake, metal shake, metal tile, clay tile, Spanish tile, metal shingles, flat roof (ideal for commercial use), and slate. With proper maintenance, many of these roofing materials can last well over 50 years. Trust Cleveland Ohio Roofing for expert guidance on selecting and maintaining long-lasting roofing solutions for your property.


Bob Kramer, Bodnar Printing

Your crew did a great job. They were very professional and neat.

Orthopaedic Associates, Westlake OH

We are very happy and pleased with the performance of your company

Jean, Homeowner, Avon Lake Ohio

Worked with Cleveland Ohio Roofing and experience was great. Work was explained very well and verified by pictures.


Mike, Brunswick, Ohio

Rob approached my relatively small repair job as if it were a large tear-off and replacement. In other words, he took my needs seriously and treated the work as importantly as a did. He conducted a thorough assessment, provided options, and discussed the pros and cons of each. The work was completed on time and clean-up was impeccable (haven't found one nail or shingle in the weeks since work). More importantly, Rob made extra trips to my home and worked an extra Saturday to make sure the final job was exactly to our liking. I was pleasantly surprised by Rob's extra effort to take care of us and ensuring we got exactly what we wanted. I recommend Rob and Cleveland Ohio Roofing highly.

John Nachar, Manager of Arhaus Furniture

In the high-end furniture business, roof leaks are unacceptable. Cleveland Ohio Roofing is the first call I make for our roofing needs. They are reliable, prompt and provide great service.

Angelo Russo, President of Title Plus Services

Really did a great job on everything. Very professional and will absolutely use them again.

John Maley, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Elyria, Ohio

Cleveland Ohio Roofing responded very timely to my work request. Their job estimate and final work order coincided completely and the job was done on time. The tenant was very complimentary of their high degree of professionalism. I would highly recommend Cleveland Ohio Roofing and its team.

Jim Rosati, Honey Hut Ice Cream, Brunswick, Ohio

Dear Bob, Thank you and your crew for doing a fantastic job on the repairs and custom modification to our building. Since our original GC and their subcontractor left us with less-than-satisfactory results, I took it upon myself as the building owner to find a roofing contractor who cared about fit and finish and took pride in craftsmanship. Robert Krane and his crew at Cleveland Ohio Roofing worked for over a week patching, fabricating, and fixing whatever they could, and ended up with excellent results. I truly feel the repairs and corrective actions they took will assure me the proper life expectancy of a metal roof.

Claudia Motiu

When I found Cleveland Ohio Roofing and saw how they approached their work, it took a huge weight off my shoulders. I know that my roof was done properly. I don't have to worry about it for 20 years and I highly recommend them.

Karen Fekete, North Ridgeville, Ohio

Cleveland Ohio Roofing is a great roofing company. They were on time, finished the repairs quickly, cleaned up the debris, and the quality is exceptional. The price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Cleveland Ohio Roofing

Linda Cerney, Elyria, Ohio

They were prompt, courteous and the cleaned up after themselves everyday. We are very happy with the work that was done and we are leak free!!!